Compliments of the chef.

The word youth abounds with meaning. Youth expresses colours, smells, tastes and aromas in a unique way. Youth represents the pinnacle of boldness, provocativeness and creativity. As a chef, I strive to combine all these factors and show the result on the plate.

With love for food, hospitality and the environment, we have created a place you will be happy to enter and find hard to leave. Welcome.

Chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar

Passion for creating

The PEN KLUB restaurant fills the space, which was designed with utmost feeling by the architectural firm TRIIIJE, with a passion for creating unique gourmet experiences, hospitality and care for the environment.

The legendary Pen Klub restaurant operated under the same name for as many as 54 years. With the utmost respect for its tradition, we wanted to preserve the spirit of those times, but still introduce a new, modern touch to it. While we have brought in a lot of new furniture, we have at the same time preserved and restored a number of old, original pieces...

“When you step into the ante room, we want you to forget about the outside world, feel as if the time has stopped and your soul is at peace. That is why we don't have clocks anywhere in the restaurant.”

Dada Jerovšek

Three rooms

Enter through the magnificent swinging doors, walk across the old parquet floor, which bears historical imprints of newspapers, to the first room, the so called Yellow room, where “the regulars” can often be found. There, you will discover a veranda with a stunning view of Tivoli Park and the Lili Novy Garden.


The Blue Lounge was named after a fresco that was discovered on the ceiling and carefully restored. Alongside the imposing chandelier by designer Tom Dixon, which has been transformed to form a new structure, you will be enchanted by the photographs of world-renowned photographers hanging on the walls. The photographs are regularly rotated in collaboration with the gallery Galerija Fotografija by Barbara Čeferin.


The White room, the room that did not exist. Once a toilet, today a special and creative space, adorned with an exceptional wall painting by Matej Stupica, who works under the name “Pero in zid” (meaning “Feather and Wall”), and an original chandelier by architect Andrej Mercina.

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